I’m Randine Lewis

Hello! I’m Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure (2004) The Way of the Fertile Soul (2007), Spirit of the Blood (2022), Birthing the Tao (2023) and Pharmaceutical Energetics (2024). I have also created a feminine form of Qi Gong, more in line with how our bodies flow – called Yin Qi Gong for women. Over the last three decades, I have helped thousands of women find peace and balance in their bodies and transform their lives by learning to come home to themselves. The Yin Qi Gong program is my gift to you– an opportunity to put the depth of this experience into a tangible, transformative daily practice:

“When the movements take over, there is no personal will; I am relieved of a mind-bound life and surrender to the glorious recognition that I am being moved. I witness a divine spontaneity that guides every thought and action, and I am home. In this body, this heart, this life.”

Helping You  with

Yin Qi Gong Practice

Qi Gong practices are known for their health benefits around the world, but over the last hundreds of years, they’ve been taught by men for men. Most focus on consolidating the lower energy centers.

While there are obvious differences in male and female physiology, our energetic anatomy also has uniquely subtle distinctions. Ancient feminine Qi Gong practices paid less attention to consolidating the lower power centers (men have more challenges here), and more attention on the middle energy center of the heart, where we tend to have more imbalances, and also more power.

The Seven Levels

The Waterwheel

The Ox Herder

The Weaver Girl

The Infant Sage

12 Story Pagoda, Dragons Gate

Crossing Heaven’s Bridge

Immortal Peaks, Nine Palaces

Reduce Stress

Reduces stress effects though calming impact on the body.

Balancing Hormones

Yin Qi Gong has balancing effect on harmones & lifts mood.

Improved Lymphatic Flow

Improves the Lymphatic Flow in body & helps remove waste and toxins.

Mobilize Joints

Helps opens up the joints, especially of the hips and shoulders.


Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure and The Way of the Fertile Soul, has become a leading expert in female health with Chinese medicine around the world. She founded Houston’s Eastern Harmony Clinic, The Fertile Soul Method, and teaches acupuncturists through her Continuing Excellence in Fertility Professionals program. Utilizing ancient Taoist wisdom, her revolutionary retreat process has transformed the lives of many thousands of women.

Dr. Lewis is devoted to deepening the profound wisdom of the Tao in powerful energetic and movement processes, unique to women. They can stand alone as meditative movement exercises, or as a transformative healing journey through the body’s seven energetic levels.

“Where the Mind goes, the Qi flows”